Brown Owls

Brown Owls

So two weeks ago I attended my first Brown Owls meeting. I wish I had an exciting excuse why ifor why it’s taken me so long to report back, but it’s just the usual day-to-day stuff, as well as my feeling a little under the weather. I won’t mention the actual weather, I’m trying to ignore it.

Anyway, I very bravely joined Brown Owls, and as a Sixer, no less. It is something I was much more likely not to do than do, but I am so glad I did do it, as I had a great time. I spent most of the night chatting and laughing with lovely ladies, getting nowhere fast stitching my name to be appliqued onto my Brownie uniform, which hopefully will be somewhat more flattering than my first Brownie uniform! I have made absolutely no progress since then, but I plan to get onto it before my next meeting. I met lots of lovely new people, including Amy, who helped me learn a new stitch (stem stitch – thanks, Amy!), Cath, Justine and Nichola, who were at my table. Many of the people there have blogs, some of which I have been reading for some time and some I have now subscribed to and will now also read instead of attending to the various household chores that await me.

I’m looking forward to my next meeting, where hopefully I will finally learn to crochet!


  1. Emily said,

    March 22, 2008 @ 12:37 pm

    You really have the potential to become the new poster child for Janome. Where was your meeting held? In a dark, dank hall adorned with a portrait of the queen? I think not. Can’t wait to see what else your magic fingers create.

  2. mildlycrafty said,

    May 16, 2008 @ 1:33 pm

    Hi Linda! I’ve only just looked up your blog and I feel guilty now coz I didn’t see your thanks! So anyway, you’re welcome! It was great to meet you and I hope to see you at more Brown Owls nights :)


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